• Hope started a Girls Coding Club at the Title One school, Bishop Elementary
  • Created her curriculum

The Girls Coding Club is a  five-week after-school club that engages young engineers in a fun, hands-on environment. Hope’s students learn about the basics of computer science with “unplugged” actives that include team pseudo programming, robotics, and more.

For this camp, Hope created a five-week curriculum that uses the elementary hands-on programming tools available to her. For example, one week Hope challenged the girls to program a Pro-Bot to draw shapes. With this fun, hands-on activity, Hope’s students learn how to use the repeat command and how to program functions. This not only shows young girls the real-life applications of complex sequences but also how to apply the math principles they are learning in class by calculating distance and angles. Hope’s goal is to give these kids the opportunity to discover and explore the fascinating world of coding in a way that will resonate with them through their adult life as they begin to look at careers


Bishop Elementary – Engineering Club 5week Plan

Week 1: BEE Maze Print Off

Week 2: PB&J Programming Print Off

Week 3: Programming Shapes Print Off