Vex Robotic Competition – Muskogee Oklahoma

June 2017 4 hours

Vex Robotic Competition –Tahlequah Oklahoma

January 2017 4 hours  

Vex Robotic Competition – State  

March 2018 4 hours

  • At VEX Robotics Competitions throughout Oklahoma Hope would volunteer as a Judge. Her responsibilities included; review engineering notebooks, evaluate teams using a rubric, evaluate STEM projects, interview and question teams, and rank each team for award consideration.  

November 2017 2 hours

In 2017 I was asked to serve on a panel for Great Plains Technology talking to Oklahoma legislators about the importance of technical schools. I was able to share my experience and how it has affected my life.

September 2017

Because of Hope’s experience as a student, employee, and future engineer she was asked to serve on the Advisory Committee for Class Addition. Hope was able to express her thoughts on what new classes they should offer and how it can help the local community.

January 2018

Hope volunteered at a MathCounts competition as a math grader. 

September 2018

Hope volunteered with her Engineering Club at the International Festival passing out information fliers and directing cars.