• Works for the largest career technology school in southwest Oklahoma
  • 25 hours a week
  • Cartographer/ Drafter/ Architect
  • Uses advanced modeling software, Autodesk Revit, to construct building remodel designs as well as document existing irrigation systems, fire lines, and more.
    • Over ten buildings documented.
    • Created overall detailed campus map.
  •  Created and manages online blueprint archive
    • Uses WordPress and some of her own HTML and CSS code to archive these blueprint
  • Designed over three building remodels, as well as created the presentations that were presented to the board for approval.
    • Hope will design a remodel and send it to structural engineers to edit and approve.
    • If a project is out of Hope’s skill set architectural companies will use her plans to redesign.
  • Documented, reviewed, and organized over 200 physical blueprints and schematics

Project Examples

Building Documentation

  • Measured and recreated detailed Revit files for the ten buildings on campus.
  • Created layers in Revit for each item such as breaker boxes, fire alarms, fire exits, network drops, network closets, cameras, and more

Cosmetology classroom

  • Combined two existing classrooms to meet specific criteria.


Rapid Prototyping Lab

  • Designed several ideas for a lab with less humidity to store 3D printers.


 Campus Map

  • Please see website for underground documentation 


3D Printed Buildings