Where: Lawton Oklahoma Coliseum Annex
  • Based off design criteria, I designed an updated building remodel that followed ADA regulations. As well as, created a professional portfolio of the final draft designs that was presented to the board
  • Hired by an independent company to design a remodel intended to expand the Coliseum Annex east side restroom facilities.
    • Each restroom will accommodate at least six people.
    • The restrooms are designed to be spacious as well as comfortable and privacy oriented.
    • The design accommodates future needs of maintenance with extra wide walk spaces.
    • In order to be aesthetically cohesive, sheetrock will be used to cover all the brick walls and columns.
  • Over 40 hours of service

Click Here to View Annex Building Remodel Proposal 


What is the Coliseum Annex?

The Coliseum (Comanche County Fairgrounds) host a variety of shows from Livestock Events to Basketball, Receptions, Parties, Fairs, Festivals, Wrestling and MMA. The Annex is a convention/banquet room. The Annex features over 11,200 square feet of exhibit space. A great place for dances, banquets, parties and more for groups of up to 750. Small conferences and trade shows will also fit nicely into this multi-use area. The building also has a large break out room with telephone service