Girl Power!

When Hope was on the Great Plains Technology Centers Vex robotics team there were two teams, team 235A and team 2435B. Hope was on team B with two other amazing girls who have since graduated high school and are pursuing engineering degrees. This was her first time being on a robotics team, so she had a lot to learn but made sure to work hard and learn quickly. In just under a month Hope had learned RobotC and was creating advance functions for her robot’s autonomous program using every sensor she had at her disposal. Hope had created a program that had a 92% success rate which earned her the nickname “bullseye”,  and she was fully motivated to make it better as the friendly smack talk began with the all-boys team, 2435A.


Every year Great Plains Technology Center host a robotics summer camp. Hope really loved working at these types camps because it is what sparked her interest in engineering and she is passionate about sharing the experience with others. At the beginning of camp, each team member has his or her own team of about four students and they teach them how to program in Robot-C and build a VEX IQ robot together. This community outreach program will introduce a different career path that many students may have never thought about or even knew they would enjoy.

In addition to this camp, Hope also volunteers with Woman in Engineering camps. Great Plains Technology Center host about three of these camps throughout the school year and summer. This is an amazing program to work because it shows young girls that, even though engineering is a primarily male-dominated field, a woman can be an engineer too.

Also, Lawton is one of the only towns that have more than one robotics team, they have seven to be exact. Knowing this and that a lot of these teams don’t have the funding to travel team 2435 decided to host a high school skills event and a VEX IQ competition at Great Plains Technology Center. Every team member worked hard to plan, set up, tear down and even work during the competition resetting game fields, MCing, judging and helping teams prepare their robots. This was a great opportunity for team  2435 to meet new people and for other teams to have the chance to qualify for competitions.


Hope Chambers main role on team 2435B was Lead Programmer. The game at the time was Nothing But Net, the goal was to pick up foam balls and shoot them into either a high goal or low goal. Because of this Hope knew that the only way to score from multiple positions on the field would be to allow the driver to speed up or slow down the flywheel speeds.

Click here to see Nothing But Net Programming


  • Excellence X3
  • Design X2
  • Tournament Champion
  • Judges
  • Sportsmanship at States