• Experience with a variety of 3D printers
    • MakerBot
    • MarkFordge
    • CraftBot
  • Use 3D printing to
    • Model building designs
    • Fabricate machine parts
    • Hired to design and 3D print bath bomb mold prototype
  • Extensive understanding of Autodesk Inventor and Solid Works
  • Hope was a key member is starting the first Rapid Prototyping Lab in south-west Oklahoma.

Rapid Prototyping Lab

Hope Chambers was a key member in starting the first Rapid Prototyping Lab in south-west Oklahoma. Because of her previous knowledge of Autodesk Inventor, Solid Works (computer-aided design applications) and 3D printers Hope was asked to advise the largest career technology school in south-west Oklahoma with their Rapid Prototyping Lab and with 3D printer maintenance. Hope is also planning on teaching Solid Works and 3D printing operations to others in the community so they can explore the interesting world of product design and fabrication. Because of Hope’s connection to the Prototyping Lab, she is contracted by Cosmetic Specialty Labs which is a company that produces custom formulations and finished cosmetic products for several major retailers. For Cosmetic Specialty Labs Hope is currently designing and 3D printing customized bath bomb molds and will soon start production of her product.

MakerBot Operator

  • MakerBot University Classes
  • Certified as a MakerBot 3D printing expert”.
  • Learned how to
    • set up and manage a 3D printer
    • create prints
    • troubleshoot common issues
    • 3D Modeling
  • Joined the Thingiverse community to share 3D models. 

Product Design/ Prototyping

  • Hope uses the materials from The Business Development Center’s Rapid prototyping lab to design and print 3D parts.
  • At Cosmetic Specialty Labs, Hope was hired to design and produce bath bomb molds in specific shapes. 
  • How?
    • Designs are made with Autodesk Inventor (and sometimes SolidWorks) to create prototypes digitally
    • Printed on a MarkForge printer. This gives the prototypes more strength, however, if durability is not necessary, then a MakerBot printer will be used. 

Building Models

(Used for Great Plains Technology Center Internship.) Click Here to view details on internship

  • Convert Revit blueprints into printable STL files.
  • Hope’s goal is to be able to print to the whole campus, including topography.



  •  Parts Fabricated
    • Jeep airconditioning gear
    • Screw box cover
    • Medicine cabinet light cover