Greetings, and welcome to Hope Chambers’ website. 

Hope is a student at the University of Oklahoma pursuing a degree in electrical computer engineering, BOOMER SOONER! Hope has a passion for robotics and wants to work on an engineering team designing products to make peoples’ lives better.

Here is an overview of who Hope is and her latest endeavors. For more detailed information please reference the tabs at the top of the page.


In the fall of 2019 Hope started a new job at the Tom Love Innovation Hub at OU. Her responsibilities include; training students/faculty and design assistance as well as maintaining fabrication machines which include 3D printers, laser engravers, power tools, circuitry tools, table saws, CNC , and more. In addition, employees also work alone or with a team to design and prototype parts for research, local businesses, or the lab itself.

Hope was ecstatic when she was asked to film for the Official OU Vlog about how amazing the Innovation Hub is! Check it out! 



Hope is in enthralled with robotics and all it’s different applications. This year Hope decided to learn more about symbiotic robotics doing research on campus. Following Dr Fagg’s instruction, a professor in the college of computer science, Hope works on testing and the implementation of IMU sensors on a robot that will help babies with cerebral palsy learn to crawl. 



Recently, Hope finished a prototype for a skateboard with LED blinker lights for a Freshman Engineering class. While on campus, her team noticed that students who ride skateboards get into accident at night because drivers can’t see them.

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Hope has previously attended Project Lead the Way Classes where she has honed her skills in programming, digital electronic schematics, bread-boarding, soldering, digital modeling and more. However, Hope is currently advancing these skills at the University of Oklahoma.

Community Service 

When Hope was eight years old she got her first taste of programming at an elementary summer camp. Because of this she has always jumped at any opportunity to work with engineering clubs and summer camps. However, her senior year she decided to take the next step and run her own after school coding club at a local Title One school she used to attend as a kid. In addition, she also helps as a volunteer with six local VEX Robotics teams. Each year Hope averages about 400 hours of volunteer services. 


Friends and family are the most important part of Hope’s life and if it wasn’t for the amazing support of her parents she may have never pursued her love for engineering. 

In her free time, Hope is an active hiker and quite the airsoft fanatic. She also enjoys playing both classical and modern songs on the piano and violin. Even though she is not very good, Hope still enjoys playing golf with her dad and grandfather and is attempting to join a local team.

In addition, Hope likes to combine 3D printing and the Raspberry Pi to create and program different  robots.