Greetings, and welcome to Hope Chambers’ website. 

Hope is currently pursing a M.S in Robotics and Autonomous Systems at Johns Hopkins. She is also a recent graduate with a in B.S Computer Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, BOOMER SOONER! 

Hope has a passion for robotics and wants to work on an engineering team designing products to improve quality of life and/or advance scientific research. 

Here is an overview of who Hope is and her latest endeavors. For more detailed information please reference the tabs at the top of the page.


  • Robotics Motion Control
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Controls Engineering

Throughout Hope’s academic and professional journey, she has consistently straddled the realms of mechanical engineering and computer engineering. This interdisciplinary approach allowed her to pursue a variety of opportunities in both computer engineering and mechanical engineering, but Hope’s aspiration is to merge the two and work on a team implementing programming sensing systems into a mechanical framework focusing on the software/electrical aspects.


Rapid Prototyping Lab

In the fall of 2019 Hope started a new job at the Tom Love Innovation Hub at OU. Her responsibilities included; training customers/faculty in a variety of tools, creating prototypes and maintaining fabrication machines such as 3D printers, laser engravers, power tools, circuitry tools, table saws, CNC, electronics lab, and more.

In 2020, Hope was promoted to technical lead where she spearheaded numerous fabrication projects. Later, in 2022, Hope was promoted again to the position of Team Manager. In this role she worked closely with the Lab’s Director to manage team, prototyping projects, lab upgrades, and more.

Hope’s favorite part of this job was designing/ creating prototypes for research labs, local businesses, or the lab itself. 

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

In the Spring of 2021, Hope interned full time working in Mechatronics. For this co-op, Hope designed a Single-Degree-of-Freedom test bed to support the Mars Sample Retrieval Lander for the Mars Sample Return Mission.

Later that year, Hope returned to JPL as a Flight Electronics Academic Engineer, where she is worked part-time on the Mars mission while she finished her Undergraduate studies. In this role, she learned how to design validation algorithms for IMU register-based testing using System Verilog and methods of console integration with test racks using Python, PyQt, and more. 

After this, she moved to a robotics team working on the Mars Sample Return Helicopter until March of 2024. In this role hope constructed apparatuses for verification and validation to ensure precision and reliability of end-effector designs and subsystem integration using Python, ROS commander, and more. In addition, she operated a (UR3) Universal Robotic 6 DOF arm to test end-effector models, program autonomous sequences, motors, and software, using collected data to make overall system improvement changes.


In the summer of 2022 Hope interned as a Control Systems Engineering intern for 3M.

For this internship Hope programmed factory tools, supported electrical system design, and assisted in a factory installation checkout process for mixing machines utilizing Rockwell tools to ensure precise resutls. 

Involvement/ Research

Hope is enthralled with robotics and all its different applications. For over two years, Hope was an undergraduate research assistant with a project on campus involving symbiotic robotics. Our research has the potential to be a form of crawling physical therapy for infants with Cerebral Palsy. The purpose of this robot is to help babies develop the necessary motor skills to obtain more mobility as they age.

Following Dr. Fagg’s instruction, a professor in the college of computer science, Hope worked on the testing and the implementation of sensors, robot design, prototype production, and more. 

For more info on this research project please click here.



Hope enjoys projects that involve anything robotics and/or software-hardware integration. At the top of the window are some tabs that go into more detail with some of Hope’s projects. 

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Friends and family are the most important part of Hope’s life and if it wasn’t for the amazing support of her parents she may have never pursued her love for engineering. 

In her free time, Hope is an active hiker and quite the airsoft fanatic. She also enjoys playing both classical and modern songs on the piano and violin. 

In addition, Hope likes to combine 3D printing and the Raspberry Pi to create and program different  robots.