Embedded 'Rick Roll' Says Game

Much like the common children toy, Simon Say’s, this game will challenge the player to memorize a sequence of notes that will build upon each other for a total of 25 rounds, with each round adding another note to the sequence. In each round, a set of 16 LEDs will produce a visual representation of the sequence by lighting up the multiplexed LED that corresponds with the note played, 16 unique notes total. The player will then have to repeat these notes by pressing the buttons on the keypad that are in the same position as the LEDs that lit up. By pressing the matching button, they will produce the same notes and assuming they repeated them correctly, the game will move on to the next round. This process will repeat for each round, with the game adding more notes as each round progresses, giving a total of 25 notes in the final round.

In addition to the function of the game, there will also be a graphic LCD screen that will communicate with the player. The LCD screen will communicate the beginning of the rounds with a countdown, it will also output a message based on the success or failure of that round. For example, if a player cannot successfully complete a round the message “You Lose” will display, if the player completes all 25 rounds the message “You Win!” will be displayed. As an added feature, the user will be able to control the overall volume of the game.

Group Role: Software and Game Logic

Skills/Tools: Embedded Software, Signals and Systems, C++, LPC1769 Microcontroller, Electrical Hardware 


  • LPC1769 Microcontroller
  • Speaker
  • Multiplex LED Matrix
  •  Keyboard
  • Graphical LCD Screen
  •  MCP230008
  • LM386
  • Logic Gates
  • Resistors, Capacitors, buttons