Part 1: Controls

Skills/Tools: Controls, LabView, Sonar, Motor with Encoders Line Follower, Lego Robot

Designed a robot that uses sonar to locate blocks and push them out of the ring. Uses a line tracker to make sure the robot stays within the black part of the playing field. The robot has to follow the line up a ramp and enter the field to push out blocks. For this challenge, the score was based on time to complete and boxes pushed out. In addition, you are disqualified if the robot does not follow the line up the ramp or if it leaves the field. 


Part 2: PID Control

The goal of this project is to implement a LabVIEW program that will allow a Lego Mindstorm robot to complete the following phases using control-system methods.

Phase 1:

Track a black line up a white ramp using PID control. This phase ends when robot detects it has entered the ring.

Phase 2:

Find the white outer edge of the playing field (ring), adjust, and follow the outer edge using the state machine method. Continue to do this until the robot has completed one loop around the ring and detects the block placed at its original starting position.

Phase 3:

Repeat Phase 2 but use PID logic to follow the outer edge of the ring instead. Stop the algorithm via a push button once it has made its way around the ring two times.