Light- Sensitive Radio

Skills Used: Digital Electronics, Muiltisim

Problem: Wanting a noise-canceling background sound 

Solution: Hope created this device to turn on when someone enters the restroom (via turning on the light), granting the guest a little more privacy.

By utilizing a photoresistor, two transistors, a relay, and an FM receiver Hope was able to create this working prototype!

Her goals moving forward with this project is to design a small, discrete, housing unit and possibly figuring out a way to create a second prototype that uses a Bluetooth receiver that will be connected to Alexa!

More updates to come!

Collaborative Engineering and Biomedical Project

Skills used: 3D printing, Digital Electronics, Python 

Solution: Using a 3D printed robotic hand, Raspberry Pi and servo motors Hope was programmed the prototype to move via keystroke commands. 

The hand itself was 3D printed on a MarkForge and spray-painted silver. Hope fed clear fishing wire through the fingers down into the hand in order to create a human-like a hand movement. After that, Hope designed a spool that could fit on the servo motor axle. The fishing wire in the hand was then tired around the axle. Hope alse attached cut hair bands to the back of the fingers to work as the “muscles” of the hand pulling them back as the string loosened.

After extensive testing, Hope designed a motor box and arm to attach to the hand. Once the prototype was finished Hope used a Raspberry Pi computer and Python to program the servo motors to open and close the hand with keystroke commands.

Skateboard Safety Blinkers 

Skills Used: KiCad, Custom PCB, Digital Electronics, Laser Cutting

Problem: Students at university who ride skateboards and/or long boards get into accidents at night because drivers can’t see them.

Solution: Working with a team, Hope created a skateboard under-glow system designed to allow riders to enable a blinker that indicates which direction the rider is going while maintaining safe control of the skateboard. In addition, the board will have a constant under-glow beneath the board to give the product a cool factor while also keeping the riders safe throughout the night.   

  • System is mixture of digital electrons and an Arduino.
  • Uses limit switches on the top of the board to trigger left or right blinking
  • Uses the digital input and outputs signals of the switches to manipulate the grounding of the LEDs through a transistor.
  • Designed the circuit in KiCad in order to laser engrave a custom circuit for the board. 
Hope plans to revisit this project and utilize a 555 timer rather than an Arduino

3D Printer Limit Switch

Skills Used: SolidWorks, 3D Printing, Digital Electronics

Problem: When CraftBot 3D printers run out of filament or have a jam, there is no way for the printer to know and it will continue to attempt to print the object. 

Solution: To solve this problem, Hope designed two attachments that will break the data line in the thumb drive when the conditions of the limit switches are false. When the data lines break, it pause the print until the limit switches conditions are true again, whether that be refilling the filament or fixing a jam.

The first attachment is on the back of the printer and is designed to have the filament run through the middle of it. There are two limit switches in this attachment, one will sense if there is filament by setting it to normally closed, and the other will sense if there is a jam by setting it to normally open. The thin hinge like structure on the side of the attachment is flimsy enough that when there is a jam it will pull the top of the attachment down hitting the second switch. 

The second attachment attaches to the front of the printer. It is shaped like so because for visitors to use the printer they must get staff approval and use designated thumb-drives that fit in the attachment. Inside, are USB connectors with each side of the data line going to the switches.  

Vinyl Rack

Skills used: Illustrator, Carpentry, CNC Wood Cutting 

Problem: All the vinyl rolls were being stored in the floor and getting damaged.

Solution: Mimicking existing products, Hope designed a stylish wall mount in Illustrator to be cut out using the CNC. Putting a wooden rod through the middle of the hollow vinyl roll, each roll is able to rest in its designated slot.

CDBL Construction – Architecture Contracting

Skills Used: Autodesk Revit, Variety of Measuring Tools,  Creating Hand and Digital Architectural Drawings, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.

While working at CDBL, Hope designs building plans to be used in new and excising construction projects. Each project has its own unique requirements most of which need blueprints while others are made into presentations for grant applications or bidding documentation.

Some Projects include,

  • Designing new construction blueprints for homeless shelter.
  • Creating architectural drawing for a proposal to the City of Lawton to turn an old three story abandoned building into a military defense contracting mall. 
  • Design new kitchen remodel electrical and equipment plan after the building caught fire.
  • Creating a 3D model of existing Veteran’s Resource Center for remodel proposal. 
  • Drafting existing building plan to be used when designing a building remodel. 

Jeep Air Conditioner Gear

Skills Used: SolidWorks, 3D Printing

Problem: There is a factory problem with the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee where the plastic that makes up the gear that changes the air from hot to cold is week and breaks. 

Solution: Fabricate a new gear with more support and 3D print it using the MarkForged printer which allows fiberglass to be added in the weaker areas. 

3D model is on open sourced website, Thingiverse. 

Click Here To View Product on Thingiverse

Cosmetic Specialty Labs – Bath Bomb Mold

Skills Used: 3D Printing, SolidWorks, Illustrator

Hope is currently contracted to design and produce bath bomb molds in a specific shapes based of written and verbal specifications for companies such as Hemp.

(Due to confidentiality agreements the bath bomb molds cannot be displayed)