Analog Autonomous Robot

The purpose of the lab project is to create a robot that tracks an IR LED beacon connected to
blocks on a black-and-white circular playing field. The goal is to push five blocks out of the ring in under
one minute while staying in the inner black circle. In addition, the robot must wait for light to be
detected before starting its search for the beacon.

To meet this challenge, the robot described in this document will start in a standing still position
until the light is detected. Once it detects light, the bot with automatically spin in a clockwise rotation using
one wheel until the TSOP on the front of the robot senses the beacon. After the beacon is detected, the
robot will move in the forward direction until either it,

A) discovers the white outer circle through the
line tracker on the front of the bot, which it would then respond by moving backward for some time
depending on the values set by the 555 timers, or it would…

B) lose the connection with the beacon and
continue to spin until it finds it again.

It is safe to assume that if the robot is tracking the beacon and
discovers the white line it has pushed the block out of the playing field.

For this robot project the team utilized a combination of four subsystems: H-bridge, line tracker,
CDS cell power switch, and TSOP IR detector. In this document, there will be a detailed section describing
each subsystem and how they connect with each other

Skills/Tools: MOSFET Logic, MultiSim, Analog Systems, Electronics

Note: This project is completed without any higher-level system such as a processor or microcontroller. It is a completely analog system.